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About Us

The Nest is a private community founded by Kelly Carlin for everyone to live into a juicy, self-loving, fully expressed life. 

Are you ready to go deep to take a leap? 

Why You Should Join Us

This community provides the necessary structure and support so women can claim a powerful, authentic, and self-loving stance in their lives.

You are a great candidate to join us if you are ready to…

- move past the fog of confusion about what you really want, and want to  take action from the depths of your being.

- end the engrained habit of harmful self-sacrifice, and put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

- dismantle self-doubt & perfectionism, and get moving toward your exciting personal & professional goals.

- shed the “good girl/boy” act that keeps you jumping through endless hoops for others and express your true self.

- release your personal and cultural baggage to claim a powerful, authentic and self-caring future.

- not only go for your dreams but be valued, recognized and paid for them.

- use your gifts in the world to create the future you envisions for ALL life.

A Big Thanks

Self-love is a radical act.

Thank you, no really, thank yourself for showing up here to take the challenging but oh so rewarding and necessary steps to claim your dreams, believe that you have what it take, commit to leaping and to receive the love and treasure of your life. 

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